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Art and Dave,
Thank you for taking great care of our cars for the last 16 years!

Lily and Dalin

Dear Art and Dave,
Over the past 15 years my family brought our 5 Volvos (240×3, 740, and 850) to Art Works Volvo Repair and have received consistent and genuine concern and care for our vehicles. If it weren’t for this wonderful little shop, we would not have been able to afford to drive these super Swedish cars, as the dealerships charge far too much money, and other private mechanics “practice” fixing them with my hard earned dollars and cents.
Thanks VERY much to Art and Dave for the many years of support, service, and cost savings.

Eric and family

Dave and Art are some of the greatest people I’ve ever met, let alone incredible and efficient mechanics. They performed a miracle fix on my rather obsolete Volvo with Grace, kindness, and wisdom. I would travel far and wide for the opportunity to have these men work on my Volvo again, and I mean it. Thank you both so much for getting me home. Attached is a picture of my wedding you helped me get to on time! 2k miles away.. I will not forget what you did for me!!