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Volvo Auto Repair Tacoma


We offer Volvo auto repair in Tacoma by trusted ASE certified technicians highly skilled in advanced mechanical and technological diagnostics for all models from classic vintage to modern and contemporary.

To fulfill our goal of maximizing the potential of each customer’s Volvo, we:

  • Keep pace with factory maintenance programs
  • Conduct services on advanced electronic suspension systems
  • Perform major and minor engine services
  • Service and maintain automatic & manual transmissions
  • Conduct technological and mechanical diagnostics
  • Perform tune-ups

We are trusted by our returning customers because we take the time to coach them on the types of oils to use, and the types oil and fluids for use in extreme hot and cold conditions.

You can trust Art Works-Independent Volvo Specialists to go to the furthest lengths to help you understand the engineering and technology of your vehicle.

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Volvo Mechanics Tacoma


Our services are designed to make owning your vehicle as enjoyable as possible! We employ Volvo mechanics in Tacoma that are ASE certified technicians who work only on Volvo vehicles to provide reliable services that our customers expect from us.

Over the course of our 30 years in business, we have created a foundation of trust that our customers rely on by providing:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance consistent with factory specifications
  • Prolonged “health plan” to keep your vehicle operating at optimum levels
  • A level of technical knowledge and expertise second to none
  • Strong one-on-one relationships with our customers
  • Highest quality service at fair and competitive prices
  • Use of advanced diagnostic equipment and data interpretation
  • Parts of the highest quality
  • Performance inspections

We have made quality work our mission. Each of our customers can and should trust us for reliable services for their vintage classics or modern and contemporary vehicles.

Volvo Repairs Tacoma


You can trust us to help you make informed decisions about Volvo repairs in Tacoma for your vehicle that will give you the confidence to continue driving it for thousands of miles in the future.

With experienced ASE certified technicians that are qualified specialists on the full range of services, you can expect:

  • Competitive rates
  • Quick turnaround services
  • Honest estimates
  • Same day service

We have full knowledge and understanding of the technology and engineering of each vehicle model that we eagerly share with our customers in layman’s terms to help them understand the complete workings of their vehicle.

When it comes to high quality services, Art Works-Independent Volvo Specialists has the advanced skillsets to deal with issues at the highest level of complexity to maximize the potential of your vehicle. 253-565-8847